Soft Skills

Soft Skills have traditionally been placed on the back burner; I mean everyone knows how to communicate, right? Soft Skills incorporate more than communication – it speaks to how to manage conflict, how to work across generations, how to embrace diversity and effectively manage emotional intelligence.
Relationships are literally living and breathing organisms. They must be cultivated, supported and managed. Additionally, they must have guidelines and be presented with clear boundaries. Relationships can be personal, professional or communal. We develop, encourage, manage or sever relationships daily; to navigate these relationships effectively, we need to strengthen our soft skills.
Clear, realistic and authentic trainings are why we invite you to choose OPN-Door Communications as your soft skills services provider. Our facilitators are engaging, interesting and informative. OPN-Door Communications seeks to create an inclusive learning environment by using traditional linguistic teaching methods with audio and visual presentations, written handouts, interactive task and group work.
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